This isn’t some trendy fashion blog that will give you street cred for hitting “like” or having it up on your browser at work and it isn’t some wanky travel blog and hopefully never will be. 

We’re going to give an insight into our own (sometimes hilarious, sometimes not so hilarious) lives but also keep shiz real and wrestle with the hard stuff, because someone needs to.  Mental disorders affect on average one in six New Zealanders1 and we were both touched by this last year.  It turns out that it is possible to sync your nervous breakdown with your bestie!

Once we started talking about it outside just the two of us and our support networks, we discovered that there was an abundance of people who were not only willing, but also wanted to talk about it.  It was like we had joined a secret club overnight.  This blog provides a platform and a forum for us and others to keep talking, keep listening and keep contributing.  Let’s make it normal to chat about stuff like this!  Join our conversation!  We promise it’ll be fun.

This blog is not intended to provide any medical advice at all.

  1. Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand Statistics 2014.


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