Pink Ribbon: Part 2

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Hey guys!

Pink Ribbon: Part 2…here it comes!

So in my previous post Pink Ribbon: Part 1, as well as discussing the benefits of giving back, I talked mostly about the build up to the Pink Ribbon High Tea Fundraiser that we had last month at Bec’s.  Now I thought it would be cool to write about the day itself, because that was the fun part; seeing all of the awesomeness come together!

But get yourself settled nice and comfy…grab a cuppa and snuggle down into a comfy seat because in true Soph style, this is a long one!

All photos credited to @hikelsyscott.

So on the Friday before the event, I was working up in Kerikeri for work doing some drilling.  It was a bit of a pain in the arse because I was supposed to be up there a couple of weeks earlier, but as usual, nothing goes to plan.  And the High Tea had been organised for months, so there was no way I was going to miss it for work.  So anyway, I had a yarn with my boss about it and he agreed to let me take the weekend off and leave the drillers in Kerikeri on their own for the weekend. Now, if you know my background I used to work as an exploration geologist overseas and generally you’d have to think twice about leaving the rig unsupervised, but these guys are geotech drillers, so they’re nowhere near as bad!  Anyway, as usual, I digress.  Check me out in my field gears below:

After I finished up at around 5pm on Friday, I had to drive back down to Hamilton, stopping in Auckland to change the work car for my own car and to pick up some stuff for the party from my Aunty.  I didn’t end up getting to Auckland until about 10 because the traffic was so terrible and by the time I got out of there it was almost 11.  I finally made it to Hamilton at about twenty past midnight.  There was no traffic as it was so late, so it wasn’t a bad trip, but I was freaking tired.

Anyway, I was going to do a whole Snapchat or Instagram story of the day thing but it was hectic AF, plus I didn’t know how to use Instagram or Snapchat really (still don’t really, yeah I’m late to the whole Instagram and Snapchat parties), so I ended up taking this video and was like “I’ll shove this on the blog later!!!”  Yeah, I’m old school.

Anyway, I watched it for the first time just now and all I can say is that I look and sound like a bloody muppet.  But it made me laugh and it made me feel all excited again.  Maybe it will make you feel excited, so here it is:

And then one more, because obviously I didn’t talk for long enough the first time.

Anyway, so I’ve just come in and it’s like motherfricken CHRISTMAS in there!  Bec and Dean and the kids are all in bed, so I’m trying to be as quiet as I can which is pretty fricken hard since it’s like CHRISTMAS in there!  Bec and Em have spent the day getting the place ready for the big day and it looks amazing.  It also looks like some serious time and man power has been put into the whole situation.  Decorations everywhere, food made, furniture all cleared out, prize tables set up, prizes wrapped, goodie bags assembled and ready to go, bench set up with tea cups, drink decanters and an unfathomably large selection of teas!!  You will have seen all this in the vid above when I was banging on as I often do.  As it was late I knew I needed to get some kip, so I smashed through some yoga to settle down a bit and then hit the sack.

Bit of an excitement explosion on the ole group chat
The babies woke me up in the morning!  I say babies, but as some of you know they’re actually 2 and 4…but they are still babies to me!  Anyway, they came in and we all had snuggles and might have eaten chocolate in bed because I’m trying to give them diabetes.  Or so Bec says.  It’s not my fault that they always play me into giving them chocolate!!!!

I kicked it with them for a bit before Bec and Dean got up, then Emma showed up, at which point Dean was marched out of the house to go and pick up tables and chairs from the hire place in Te Awamutu who had agreed to give them to us for free for the weekend to support our cause!!  It clearly didn’t matter to Bec that he was sick because this Pink Ribbon High Tea was going ahead!  Em got on with the setup while Bec and I got clean-clean-cleaning. Em carried on with the setup, Rach and Krystal showed up and then prep was in full swing.  Mostly I just vacuumed the place.  There’s something satisfying about vacuuming Bec’s place.  (It feels so weird calling her Bec because I never call her Bec, I always call her Val because that’s my nickname for her, and incidentally also her nickname for me – and the kids call me Aunty Val.  Now you know that, I’m just going to start calling her Val from hereon in).  I think it’s because you always notice such a difference.  Maybe it’s because the carpet is brand new?  Maybe it’s because I used to live with my two doggies which I had with one of my exes and boy oh boy that fur was a menace to vacuum up?  Bec just sucks at vacuuming.  She never moves the furniture to vacuum underneath it and she never takes the end off the vacuum cleaner to vacuum down the edge of the skirting board and the carpet.  She knows she sucks though and she knows to leave it for me if I’m coming.

Enough about vacuuming.  Dean came home with seven massive ten-seater tables and about 70 plastic chairs, so we got to work setting that all up and setting the tables.  It was a MISSION and I still hadn’t even showered!  Rach was a champ though, got to work doing all the food and kitchen stuff, Krystal was right in there too…it was awesome.  Women really could run the world, you know?

So while Bec and I were frantically cleaning and tidying the house, the other three girls were in full swing in the kitchen and lounge, getting everything set up and ready to go.  Then the excitement went up (another) notch when Em cracked out the matching T-shirts she’d had printed for us:

Tits&giggles T-shirts

Ugly AF pic of us – but hey, it showcases the Tshirts that Em had knocked together for us for the big day.  Something about wearing matching gets me super excited.  Am I the only one?

We were all still getting ready in Bec’s bathroom, applying matching red lippy when the first of our guests arrived – my three flatties who schlepped all the way down to Ohaupo (about 30 mins south of Hamilton) from Auckland for the High Tea.  I’ve only lived with these girls since April so naturally I was absolutely rapt that they made the trip all they way down.  You really do get to know who your mates are when you’ve got a cause like this and they jump on board.  Ayla (the one on the left below) even made a whole lot of food in her usual good bitch fashion.  (She was the one I mentioned in the vid).  I think this whole Pink Ribbon event and everyone’s involvement is testament to the amazing chicks in all of our lives.

Pink ladies, Ayla and Libby.  Two of my three flatties.  I don’t have a picture of all of us, but there is a photo of Larissa coming later on in this post.
Then the excitement went up ANOTHER notch (lots of notches going on here, but not ones on the bed, don’t worry haha) when our photographer showed up.  Since we were so #blessed (I effing HATE this hashtag, it’s like the signature hashtag of every basic biatch there ever was hahahaha) with so many generous sponsors, it was important for us to capture the day in photos so we could show our sponsors their involvement and what we were able to achieve with their amazing support.

Larissa and Libby.  Kelsy photographing
Larissa (my third flatmate who I mentioned above) and Libby getting their pose on with photographer @hikelsycott for Pink Lady Apples, who donated 70 apples for our goodie bags and for eating on the day and three prizes to our fundraiser raffle.


Not sure what is going on with Larissa’s ‘pink ladies’ (see what I did there?!  Actually – that wasn’t me at all, it’s one of Pink Lady Apples’ upcoming campaigns: Looking after your ‘pink ladies’.  Love their work)  but they look a tad lop-sided LOL.  Pink Lady Apples are pretty amazing.  One of their campaigns this year was to ‘support the supporters’ which we thought was really cool – and so did our guests, as they all got a fresh tasty apple in their goodie bags.  Most importantly though, Pink Lady Apples is a major sponsor of the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation; they donate $50K EVERY YEAR.









I should just add, by the way, that this is by no means an advertisement for Pink Lady Apples – we’re too small for that – paid posts and shit..  We just think that they’re awesome for supporting such a worthy charity.  Don’t forget – if you’re a chick, breast cancer is the type of cancer that you’re most likely to get in New Zealand.  Unless you’re like a chronic smoker in which case you’re probz most likely to get lung cancer…but that’s another debate huh.

Another of our amazing sponsors was Hakanoa Handmade. Hakanoa has an amazing story which goes all the way back to 2009.  They’re a rad local business based in Auckland and all of their products are completely preservative free.  Once again, not an ad, but it’s important to us to give them an extra special shout out because they donated over $700 (just to clarify, that’s SEVEN HUNDRED BIG ONES!!!) worth of product for our day in the form of their dry ginger beer which everyone enjoyed on the day as well as a whole lot of chai syrup and ginger syrup which is not only amazing for making teas and lattes, but can also be used in marinades, dressings, over ice cream or porridge, in baking, preserves and stir-frys.  Basically it’s an extremely versatile cordial/condiment/cooking ingredient.






If you’re about supporting businesses and organisations who support amazing causes like the Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand, we’ve left a list of all of our sponsors who donated to our Pink Ribbon High Tea at the end of this post, but here are a few more snapshots of the day.  Now, if you notice any branded item, it was donated.  As I mentioned in the video, the girls and I put none or very little of our own money into this event in the end.  We chipped in a bit for the food and Em and I went out and bought a whole lot of tea cups and teapots (but we do get to keep them) and Rach made the cake from scratch, but there was an enormous amount of food, drink and prizes (no one went home empty handed) so if you notice any brands in the photos below, they were all very generously donated by their respective businesses or organisations.




Thanks, I Love Pies!  These bad boys did not last long at all which says something about how delicious they are!  Funny side story – the vege spinach and feta ones were the first to go of their meaty companions!  If dudes were at the party I reckon it would have been a totally different story!





Anathoth also generously donated at the last minute.  The jams and chutneys arrived on the morning of the High Tea!!  Perfect timing! These were used in our scones at the High Tea and were also sent home with winners of prizes and quizzes.  The mini scones were delectable and 70 of them were very generously donated by The Olde Creamery in Ohaupo.  Please remember these businesses – especially the smaller ones if you are wanting to support businesses or organisations who do good in the community.

WEB_PinkRibonHighTea_170708_photoKelsyScott_KSC_7014_E1 WEB_PinkRibonHighTea_170708_photoKelsyScott_KSC_7015_E1

Carrie and Mila
Funny story about Red Seal – they actually turned us down the first time!  Unbeknownst to me, Emma had already emailed them asking for sponsorship and they had said no.  So she was pretty surprised when I told her what they’d given us!  Not only did they supply all of the tea above for the day, as well as several tea bags for each goodie bag, they also donated an awesome Red Seal prize pack consisting not only of their entire new collection of teas, but also a selection of their other products, such as their toothpastes and health supplements – Magnesium Pills.  Magnesium is said to really aid sleep as it induces muscle relaxation, so I was so happy when that raffle prize was won by a Mum (Carrie – above) of two wee ones – 3 and 6 months.


I’ll yell ya something about Ti Ora tea.  It’s kind of on the expensive side, because it’s price point is around that of normal boxes of tea, but you actually only get 15 bags in a packet.  However, I drink Ti Ora tea anyway, so I know first hand that their bags are strong.  I get about 5 cups out of one tea bag – although I reuse my tea bags anyway.  I would say a regular person would get three cups out of one tea bag.  It’s extremely strong – both scented and in flavour.  My fave is the green tea with strawberry, pomegranate and Kawakawa.  It’s one of those teas that when you drink, you don’t think “That’s underwhelming compared to the smell”.  Ya know how herbal tea always smells amazing and you’re all “yum this is gonna be delicious!” and then just tastes like water?  Well, not the case for these bad boys.

The cake that Rach made





The cake that Rach made
This is the cake that Rach made because she is pretty much a domestic goddess.  A lot of time and effort went into this cake! We all received updates on its progress the day before! Side note – the cake was epic! Sometimes cakes that look great at like herbal tea:  underwhelming. They look great but when you shove a massive piece in your mouth (I don’t do small mouthfuls when it comes to cake) you’re kinda like “holy shit this mofo is dry how am I going to get this thing down?” You know what I mean? When it looks amazing and your eyes go all bigger than your stomach and then you’re like abort abort! But you can’t abort because you can’t spit cake out so you’ve just gotta find a way to get that dry lump down and try to not be too dark about the fact that you’ve just sacrificed a stupid amount of calories for something that’s not even pleasurable?! Or maybe that’s just me…? Well anyhoo Rach’s cake was mean, even a couple of days later when I gave a big slab of it to each of my drillers because there’s no better way to get drillers to like you (aside from getting your kit off, JOKES lol) than giving them cake. Besides, they totally held the rig and did my job of marking up the core etc. for me while I was gone so I did kind of owe them a solid.  Although in usually driller fashion, one of them was missing most of his teeth so maybe I should’ve re-thought that and given him something sugar free.  Side note over.

Ha, don’t you love how I can’t bloody keep on track with a post? If I was a boomer I’d make a comment about bloody millennials with their short concentration spans getting side tracked all the time, haha.







The Pink Girl Gang!
While most peeps who turned up work pink, the gang above (who I like to refer to a Krystal’s posse) wore black and accessorised with pink.  The looked absolutely rad on the day!  It was so cool to see them getting on-board and getting behind us with their enthusiasm.  The people who come to your party are what make the party, let’s face it, so I’m dam glad that these ladies came along.  I am a MASSIVE fan of the old dress up so was mildly jealous, especially of those fairy wings.

And speaking of faries…

Here we have Harper Pixie Jane, the prettiest fairy of all

Look at that face.  That face is the epitome of Harper Jane!
Want to hear (another) funny side note?  No you don’t?  Well tough, because here it is.  This is not the first child belonging to Bec who has worn this dress.  I shit you not, a couple of years ago I got a text from Bec with a photo attached of her first child in this fairy outfit.  “But her first child is a boy!” you say.  And you would be correct.  The message went like this: “Me and Dead dressed Co up like a girl!” – followed by heaps of those emojis -the ones crying with laughter.  In the interest of mortifying Cohen (he is my Godson after all) at his 21st, here I present you with the evidence:

[insert pic of Co in fairy outfit here.  OK Bec is being a slack biatch, but I promise I’ll put this up when I get my hot little hands on it!]

Ok, we’ve got a few more photos to share and then I’ll wrap this up, promise!


Suits ya, Krystal!




Our littlest supporter…bless.  Love the strategically placed balloon and serviette haha
Almost there!  May I finally present you with photos of some of our raffle winners and their prizes!  Unfortunately we couldn’t get photos of everyone as a significant number of prizes were won by people who were unable to attend (slash weren’t invited…hey, it was girls only!) so this is merely a snapshot:


Hansells and Schultz kept us well fed and hydrated through out our high tea

Marissa – winner of Pete’s Natural Lemonade

Erica and Marissa – #twins with their Havanna Coffee 

Erica and her Scentsy Warmer and scented mekts

Erica and Marissa #twinning again!  (And Emma too) with their Pink Lady Apple Prize packs

This raffle prize was very kindly donated by one of Emma’s relatives.  Not all prizes were sponsored of gifted by businesses or organisations.  This one came from a top notch individual

Chloe with her Le Fleur bouquet

Over $250 worth of L’Oreal goodies!

More flowers generously donated by Le Fleur



Another prize that was very kindly donated by a very generous individual – the same individual as above!

Who wouldn’t be stocked with this amazing Vogels hamper?!





Donovans – who supplied us with not one but THREE $25 gift vouchers

Duck Island Ice Cream for the win!

All Press and Little Honey

Fanny Adams Superior Underwear.  They really are the most comfy undies ever!

Fanny Adams again!  Another lucky winner

Krystal, I’ll be your Mexico date!

Print generously donated by KP Designs

Gothenberg in Hamilton donated 2 x $50 vouchers

Goodies from The Larder Project

Anytime Fitness, Hamilton very generously donated not only this rad prize pack, but also a free one month membership.  Here’s Wendy (Em’s Mum) modelling it on behalf of Em’s sister Jodi, who was the lucky winner!

Larissa with her Little Honey flawless bronzing kit

Goodie bag donated by Event Cinemas Chartwell in Hamilton, which was supplemented with prizes from Hakanoa Handmade, Kings Seeds, Les Mills Hamilton and Hansells

Tash took home her Green TeaX50 prize pack and Allpress Coffee prize pack

Anne with her haul from Chocolates Are Us
If you would like to support businesses and organisations who support meaningful causes in the community, please have a look at the list below.  We could not have achieved our event and raised over $4000 for the Breast Cancer Foundation of NZ without the unfathomably amazing and extremely generous support we received from the following places.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Les Mills – Hamilton

Nadia Lim

Hakanoa Handmade Ginger Beer


The Organic Initiative

Fanny Adams Superior Underwear

Mexico Hamilton

HoneyBee Wrap Eco Food Wraps

Ativa Jewellery

Green Tea X50

Snap Fitness Frankton, Hamilton

Gothenburg Restaurant, Hamilton
ENJO New Zealand

Frogs and Toadstools

The Olde Creamery, Ohaupo

Pink Lady Apples, New Zealand

KP designs

Kings Seeds

I Love Pies

Ti Ora

Bee Green Food Wraps

Mamasdonuts, Hamilton

Anytime Fitness Hamilton NZ

Donovans Chocolates

Iguana Street Bar & Restaurant, Hamilton

Little Honey NZ

Little Olive Tree

FitME Studios

Chocolates Are Us

Fahrenheit Restaurant & Bar, Te Awamutu
Peta Mathias

Scentsy Australia & New Zealand


Pete’s Natural Lemonade

Dilmah Tea

Havanna Coffee

Allpress Coffee

Waiheke Herbs

Event Cinemas Chartwell, Hamilton
Red Seal

The Larder Project


Paper Plus – The Base

L’OrΓ©al #beautyforall

Le Fleur


Baby by Victoria

Amanda’s Nails and Make up


The Cake Box, Hamilton

New World Te Rapa, Hamilton



Yates Seeds


Last Season

Duck Island Ice Cream

Well, that about wraps it up for our 2017 Pink Ribbon High Tea fundraiser!  It was hella fun but after all that organisation we’re going to chill for a little while before our next one.  Keep an eye on our Pink Ribbon Instagram Page in case there is a 2018 installment – it’ll be on there first!

Bec, Emma, Krystal and Rach – We did it!  We raised more than the All Blacks Girlfriends!!!  Grand Total was $4240.  Boo freakin yah!!!

If you are considering having a fundraiser or are considering raising money for a good cause, I would thoroughly recommend that you GO FOR IT!!  Giving back is so good for the soul, it sounds incredibly cheesy but it is so true.  During the course of organising and throwing our fundraiser, I made a heap of new friends, made better friends with existing friends, had bucket loads of laughs and got to bring together an amazing network of amazing women in all of our lives.  No one ever regrets giving back, so GIVE IT A GO!  (And be sure to let us know how it goes).

You won’t regret it.

Soph x

Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first (20)

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