Fathers Day love

As it’s Fathers Day today, I thought I would ask the kids 10 questions about their Dad.  Because kids say the darnedest things, right?

I also asked Dean what it is like to be a Dad and I asked my Dad the same questions.

SIDE NOTE: As you will read, Harper was more concerned with watching my phone than answering anything.  Also, my Dad has the maturity of a 5 year old – one reason why he is so great!

 Co and Harpie:

Q: What does Dad mean?

Co: Ummm, make him a present

Harpie: Love Daddy, watch phone?


Q: Why do you love Dad?

Co: Because he works at cable houses

(Side note – Dean is an electrician!)

Harpie: That he spins me round


Q: What’s your favourite thing about Dad?

Co: His birthdays

Harpie: That he plays with me in my bedroom, I watch your phone?


Q: What’s Daddy good at?

Co: Fixing things like houses.

Harpie: Monster trucks.


Q: Whats Daddy bad at?

Co: He is naughty.

Harpie: No, I watch your phone.


Q: How does Daddy make you laugh?

Co: Does silly tricks



Q: How old is Dad?

Co: I don’t know but I think 36

Harpie: (head in the phone) shhhhhhhhhh 4


Q: What colour eyes does Dad have?

Co: White and blue

Harpie: Purple


Q: What does Daddy do?

Co: Work

Harpie: shhhhhhhhh


Q: If Dad was in a movie who would he be?

Co: Hulk!

Harpie: Yeah monster


Make a wish, Harpie-boo!
Family selfie! Harpie is sooooo small!

Dean and Dad: 

Q: What does being a Dad mean to you?

Dean: Being able to play with sweet toys.

Dad: Being able to do kid things and get away with it.

 Q: Pros?


  • The kids movies!
  • The funny things kids say
  • The happiness


  • Fathers Day
  • Being given the opportunity to be able to pay for so much for children.
  • Breading my own like minded company


Q: Cons?


  • The dents in my walls
  • They break stuff
  • Freedom


  • Change always goes missing
  • Things I like to eat and drink are never in the fridge
  • The E chanel


Q: How is it being a dad to a girl different for to a boy?

Dean: At this stage only concerned about when they are teenagers…. We are screwed!

Dad: Hormones


Q: If you were famous what would it be for?

Dean: I don’t think I should answer that!

Dad: Adventure – Family – his own ADAMS family show!


As a child, Fathers Day was important. We always celebrated it! But when I became a parent and realised parenting wasn’t all that fun, I learned HOW Mothers and Fathers day should really be celebrated:

Not in the form of presents but the gift of taking the time to say “thanks for raising me, thanks for putting up with my shit and thanks not for killing me!” (as I know I would have pushed the limits!)

So shout out to all the wonderful Dads, even if they aren’t with us. Thanks for raising us, guiding us and loving us! And an extra big shout out to all those bloody amazing Mums out there who are doing both jobs – Happy Fathers Day to you too, and power to you!!

Bec. X

Mooooooooooostachio! Dad and me as a babe
Bec and Dad ft. that mo again…!
You’re never too old to be a kid with your Dad


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