Could you ask for help?

Could you ask if you needed help? With mental health its different if you are on the outside; you ask questions like "what's wrong with them? Why can't they snap out of it?  Hasn't this been going on long enough?" Or you judge and say "oh they need to get over it and move on, [...]

My depression and anxiety

Don’t want to do anything, want to sleep all the time, the things that interested you just don’t anymore and you’re just out right down?  Feel you won’t get through the day without your heart racing, being short of breath or having sweaty palms? It’s not ‘normal’ to feel this way, right?  ...Wishing you were [...]

Your brain. Give it a rest!

Do you ever get the feeling that your brain wants or needs a rest because it is working the whole goddamn time? That's why it's called mental health (but it's the opposite because it's exercising the whole time and it never gets a rest, whereas I'm always resting and never exercising when it comes to [...]

“Giving back” is selfish!

Have you ever considered that by giving back, YOU might actually be the one who reaps the most benefits and not the person or organisation who you are giving to?! Generally, when we think of giving we consider how this affects others.  Will they like it?  Will it make them happy?  Will it brighten their day? [...]